Friday, April 13, 2012

Checking up on my pioneer ancestors...

My sister and I just made the journey from Portland, Oregon to southern California and stopped along the way to pay homage to Levi Scott, our great, great, great, great grandfather. He was one of the men who forged the Applegate Trail--a southern alternative to the Oregon trail--in the mid 1800's. An Applegate Trail interpretive center outside Roseburg, Oregon, had lots of information on him. My sister and I bought a book about Levi and were honored to sign a special book for descendants of the Scotts and Applegates.

When I was growing up in Oregon, it was common to have an adult remind complaining children that they'd never have survived the trek on the trail with an attitude like that! In fact, one of the first big arguments I had with my husband came after I demanded a break after hours of clearing some land for a garden. He said I'd never make it on the Oregon Trail, and those were fighting words to me! Now I freely admit that in spite of hailing from pioneers on both sides of my family, I'm more of a sit-in-my-chair-and-daydream type than I am a rugged outdoors woman. At best, I could make a decent pot of coffee, play a banjo and tell stories around the campfire--that is, if I didn't fall asleep from exhaustion first.