Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You want it? Baby, you've got it...

A word to the elderly: you know when you're stuck with one of those golden oldies in your head and it's driving you crazy? ("Love is a highway, I want to ride it all night long...") My bete noir awhile ago was the Young MC hit, "Bust a Move." They say you can get rid of these ear worms by listening to the song all the way through. So I try downloading it from itunes. Usually, I have no problem with this, but "Bust a Move" is particularly stubborn and I get nothing but error messages. So I keep clicking to download--errors again. I give up, but later when I'm back at my laptop, "Bust a Moves" download en masse to my itunes folder. Now I can listen to the song all day nonstop if I want to without putting it on a loop. Anyway, that was a couple weeks ago and I thought I was through "bustin'." Until one afternoon this weekend I open my laptop and BOOM! Another one downloads.

"You want it, you got it," indeed.


  1. Whenever I bust a move, I break out the ice pack.
    Slipped Disco

  2. I prefer Tiger Balm and a walker--with those tennis ball feet...