Monday, September 26, 2011

Bouquet from Booklist for THE AVIARY!

The Aviary.
O'Dell, Kathleen (Author)
"Five birds live in the old iron cage at the back of the Glendoveer rose garden, and 12-year-old Clara has
never felt friendly toward them until she befriends the smallest one and learns to communicate with it. As
a result, she comes to believe there is more than a passing chance that they aren’t really birds at all and are
somehow connected to the supposedly drowned Glendoveer children. O’Dell has crafted a terrific story
with just the right degree of horror for upper-middle-school children. The plot is well matched to the early
twentieth-century setting (the early film The Great Train Robbery is mentioned at one point) to help
distance readers from the macabre events while adding an atmospheric flavor perfectly suited to
adventures involving gloomy mansions and mysterious children."

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