Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bon Voyage to Me...

Once every thirty two years, I like to visit London. Last time I went, I prepared for my trip by listening repeatedly to the Sex Pistol's NEVER MIND THE BULLOCKS--on vinyl. Now that I'm in my Montovani period, I've prepared by reading a bazillion travel books and covering my map of London with sticky dots I bought at Staples. After London, we chunnel to Paris. Paris, I like to visit every fifteen years. This time, I'm celebrating my silver wedding anniversary and my son's graduation from college.

I hope to get some fantastic story ideas. Get my imagination sparked. Renew!

Be back soon!


  1. So this is why you don't answer my highbrow emails. Jealous again!

  2. You know, I went without a laptop, and it was kind of liberating. I kept wondering what was going on that I was missing. Turns out not a lot.

    I had many moments where I sat and looked around me in awe. It was good to be "present" as they say. My husband was glued to his blackberry gps, tracing our footsteps. But he was happy, so I left him be!