Thursday, July 8, 2010

One for the Boys

I'm almost done with THE AVIARY, my spooky historical fantasy due out in early fall 2011, and starting a new book--with boy main characters. This is a first for me, and you'd think it'd be easy considering just how boy-centered my life has been. I have two boys, a boy husband, a boy dog. We've had our boys' friends and other boy relatives live with us. I have seen first hand what boys do, how they speak, what they love and not love so much. But I've had a bit of a rocky start.

Now after scrapping my old beginning, I think I may be on to something. I like the boys in this book. They are going to have an adventure that is guaranteed to scare the ! out of them (and me). We're in this together for the long haul! Maybe my own boys will even read this one when it's done. (Girls will like it too, though. How do I know? I'm a girl.)

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