Thursday, July 1, 2010

Apple MacBooks are Lactose Intolerant (and other things I learned on my summer vacation...)

So I'm eating a bowl of raisin bran, browsing my email, and I spill milk on the trackpad of my laptop. Doesn't work so well after that. Kind of sickly. Now that I've got a new trackpad, I've learned my lesson: I'm using lactose-free milk the next time I spill. Maybe that will help?

Here are some other things I learned in Palm Desert:
There is nothing on TV when you want to watch it.
The show on world's worst drivers is actually pretty compelling.
108 degrees feels like 112 degrees.
Sunset in the desert is dreamy and the falling shadows make the world a living painting.
The best food in town may be found at the Cary Grant estate.
Swimming is the best medicine.

Now back to work on a working computer.