Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hanging w/the Grownups

I had the pleasure to attend a day-long conference in Long Beach last weekend that featured a slate of accomplished women writers. Literary Women has been run by a staff of book-loving volunteers for the last twenty-eight years. For my friend, Marcy Moody, working on the LW staff has been a labor of love. I'm grateful for her invitation to attend, as I was anxiously waiting on revisions and particularly needed a writerly shot-in-the-arm. A special treat for me was lunching with Jane Hamilton, an author perhaps best known for her novel A MAP OF THE WORLD. She's vibrant and fun--and one of the most entertaining writers I've heard speak.

Anyway, when I got those revision notes in my mailbox the next day, I felt refreshed and ready to dig in and do the work. Usually I have to lie on a divan and fan myself for a good week. But no vapors this time! You can bet I'm putting Literary Women on my calendar every year.


  1. Happy St. Paddy's Day, Miss O. I googled and found out that your name and its variant, Odle, can mostly be found in the the Province of Munster and especially in County Limerick. (I'm a veritable Skip Gates.)

  2. Thanks Julie! I heard that O'Dell was a fake-Irish name. That it is actually English and someone inserted the jaunty apostrophe. However, I've got Quinn and Sheehy and Gollogly roots, as well. So it may make up for the fakey ( ' ).