Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful...

I adored this Cinderella when I was a kid. Leslie Ann Warren is an ocean of emotion--she yearns until her large brown eyes brim with tears. Just as quickly, when her hopes are dashed, she's reduced to chin-quivering desperation. She sits in "her own little corner" and lives a lot in her head. What's kept her going through a life of drudgery and serious underestimation? Her rich fantasy life! Even when she's dressed in a ball gown and enchanting a prince, she sings, "Is this the sweet invention of a lover's dream?" She's been dreaming so long, she can't quite accept it when reality finally lives up.

I swear, I spent most of my young life in that same space in my head. Life was actually pretty boring and not at all glamorous--but in my head? Fabulous. My favorite state of mind was a fervent yearning that bordered on ecstasy. I confess that I still go for it once in awhile. In my own little corner, of course.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hanging w/the Grownups

I had the pleasure to attend a day-long conference in Long Beach last weekend that featured a slate of accomplished women writers. Literary Women has been run by a staff of book-loving volunteers for the last twenty-eight years. For my friend, Marcy Moody, working on the LW staff has been a labor of love. I'm grateful for her invitation to attend, as I was anxiously waiting on revisions and particularly needed a writerly shot-in-the-arm. A special treat for me was lunching with Jane Hamilton, an author perhaps best known for her novel A MAP OF THE WORLD. She's vibrant and fun--and one of the most entertaining writers I've heard speak.

Anyway, when I got those revision notes in my mailbox the next day, I felt refreshed and ready to dig in and do the work. Usually I have to lie on a divan and fan myself for a good week. But no vapors this time! You can bet I'm putting Literary Women on my calendar every year.