Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Day at the Playground

     During a trip to the playground at our local park, I thought I'd join my nine-year-old friend in some gymnastics.  I remembered hanging upside down from the bars by my knees and dismounting by flipping backward like a jumping jack when I was a kid.   Well, first I had to get up on the bar.  That, in itself, was nothing like my memories.  Talk about limited range-of-movement...  Anyway, after I had ungracefully hoisted myself up and dangled upside-down, it occurred to me that I felt as heavy and inflexible as a grand piano.  No way was I going to dismount with a back flip.  So I tried loosening one leg separately, lost a shoe and slipped earthward, butt into the sand.  It was so odd, having this "body-memory" of litheness and ease. Was that really me back then, or did I dream it?
   Next, I thought to conquer the swings.  No big deal, right?  Just swings.  But I found that as I pumped higher and higher, I felt vaguely queasy.   Maybe that previous upside-down stuff was the culprit?  But if you had told me when I was nine that someday I'd be queasy on the swing set, I would not have believed it.  
    I want a do over!  Next weekend I'm going back with my friend and try it again.  I can't accept it!  Surely it'll all come back... with a little practice?


  1. Uebung ist das halbe Leben...


  2. "Guten tag, Luisa. Wie gehts?"
    Harcourt Brace Jovanivich

  3. You were missing important accoutrements and warm up activities. You are not young anymore. Revisiting elementary school requires preparation. First you must wear a jumper with shorts underneath. Anklets and white sneakers from Albertsons. A snake around the neck for good luck. An exhausting game of chinese jumprope (to the pits . . . ) followed by four square and red rover. Then and only then will you be able to tackle this monumental feat, however, all the while knowing that back in the recesses of your little 6th grade brain, you had it there all the time. Good luck, Kiff! Call me if you need a doctor. Sorry I'm not there to join you.

  4. Anklets are for nerds. White knee highs rule!