Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Girl in the Hammock

That beautiful Winslow Homer Painting at the top of the page, "Girl in a Hammock," is a favorite of mine.  I saw it first at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art during a Homer exhibition.  Have you ever seen a painting or a picture you wished you could live in?  That's how I felt about "Girl in a Hammock."  Note the sunspot lighting her book from her right; the greens dark and velvety in some places and alive with yellow in others.  

There are other paintings with young women in deep green woodland settings, and they all appeal to me.  Take this Ophelia by Arthur Hughes, for example (above).  She looks like a fairy with that crown of weeds.

I live in a wooded neighborhood in an old Tudor house with dark wood panelling.  I made sure to get a velvet couch in the color of moss for my living room.  It's a lovely place to read--almost as good as a forest, but with air conditioning or a fireplace when you need it, and electric lamps to simulate that pool of sunlight.

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