Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog rises from ashes...

We've been breathing smoke from southern California's Station Fire for six days now.  The mountains around my neighborhood are aglow with flames, it is nearly 100 degrees, and I just got a call that we must conserve electricity.  So there goes the air conditioning.  

Working is difficult when the conditions are this miserable.  Just ask the spiders in my back yard.  All their webs are clotted with ash and useless after all that hard labor.  As for me, writing with a head full of smoke has been more difficult than I thought.  So I turned to blogging this afternoon, instead.

I'm one of the last writers I know to join this trend.  It's one of those things I should have done a looooooong time ago.  So here goes.  Glad to meet you, whoever you are.  Hope your neighborhood is cool, clear and smoke free...


  1. Hi,

    I have been watching the coverage of the fires. It looks really scary. I'm glad you're OK. Hope they don't last too much longer. I am looking forward to reading your new book. Keep us posted.

    Mary O.

  2. Dear Ms. O'Dell -
    I love all of your books - but especially 'Bad Ticket'. I can't wait for your new book to be published - will you be telling us about it on your blog? Thank you for starting a blog!
    Becky P.

  3. I hope the smoke clears soon. Welcome to blogging, Kathy. I’ve book-marked your site and look forward to your posts!